We are a team of experienced litigators

At ACA Lawyers, we believe that commercial dispute resolution and litigation is an art, rather than a craft. If you are involved in a commercial dispute, you need the assistance of a highly skilled and experienced litigator who is passionate about achieving the best possible outcome for your situation.

We will take a strategic approach to your dispute

Litigation costs can easily spiral out of control, many lawyers are trained to chase every rabbit down every hole. This is fine if you have unlimited resources, but most clients (whether they are businesses, government agencies or individuals) have tight budgets. As a result, there are benefits in working with lawyers who are not only on top of the detail in your case but take a strategic approach to litigation and cut through the extraneous issues in order to keep your broader objectives firmly in sight.

We specialise in class actions

Due to our expertise in litigation and dispute resolution, we conduct a wide range of simple and complex litigation. We have also run and are currently running a number of class actions, which enables us to apply our strategic approach in the context of complex litigation. Our current class actions include Slater & Gordon, the Home Insulation Program and a number of shareholder class actions.

We think beyond the billable hour 

If you would rather avoid the billable hour, we offer a range of flexible fee arrangements. This means that, at the beginning of every matter, we sit down with you and discuss the most appropriate fee structure for your case.  





ACA Lawyers are currently running some of Australia's largest class actions.

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