Our story

We set up ACA Lawyers because, as litigators who had worked as partners across national and top-tier firms, or in-house, or who had held senior roles in government, we saw how convoluted the litigation process had become in large law firms.

Clients were frustrated, and the lawyers knew they were failing to deliver value for money.

As a result of our experiences, we all came to a similar conclusion: there had to be a better way to run litigation.

So, we came up with a simple new model for helping clients who found themselves involved in a legal dispute. We decided to focus on:

  • Providing clients with the best possible outcomes as cost-effectively as possible
  • Having clear and open communication with our clients, especially when it involves the strategy for running their case
  • Being responsive to our clients’ needs.

Most importantly, we agreed we would run matters strategically, from both a legal and a case-management perspective.

We are experts in dispute resolution and litigation

At ACA Lawyers, each of our principals is an expert litigator with extensive experience in litigation and dispute resolution in a wide range of contexts.

We are a conflict-free specialist litigation law firm and can act where top-tier and international firms cannot due to conflicts of interest.

We specialise in:

We are strategic in our approach

Our strategic approach to matters takes into account both legal and commercial perspectives. 

We will take the time to discuss with you what outcome you are seeking, in order to establish what ‘success’ will look like for you in the context of the dispute in which you are involved. This means that your objectives won’t become lost in the legal process, because every milestone is measured against those objectives. 

We are skilled in matter management

A lot of firms pay lip service to the concept of legal project management, which is becoming an increasingly important tool in managing both litigation and transactional work. However, at ACA Lawyers, the principles of legal project management sit at the core of how we run litigation, especially for larger matters.

We are fortunate in that our sister firm, Allygroup, is the leading legal project management consultancy in Australia. This means that we are able to draw on its project management experience for particularly complex cases. 

We use technology to achieve better outcomes

Lawyers don’t have a great reputation for embracing technology. However, like most other professions, the legal profession is being transformed by the digital revolution.

At ACA Lawyers, we are big fans of technology, especially when it is used to ensure that discovery is run more cost-effectively through the use of eDiscovery platforms.

We use flexible legal resourcing to save costs

We also resource matters in a different way from traditional law firms. We match the appropriate legal resources to the particular case. Instead of weighing down a case with a costly army of solicitors, we use highly skilled and experienced lawyers to maximise results and minimise costs. We retain junior lawyers only as required, which means that you pay only for the legal resources you actually need.

We offer flexible fee arrangements to provide better value

At ACA Lawyers, we believe that the billable hour is a far from perfect way of charging clients for legal work.

As a result, we are committed to flexible fee arrangements. We tailor a fee arrangement that best suits the type of dispute with which you are dealing.

Our flexible fee arrangements include:

  • Hourly rate
  • Blended hourly rate
  • Capped fee
  • Fixed pricing
  • Risk share
  • Unit fee
  • Value adjusted
  • Retainer.

If you are involved in a commercial dispute and want specialist commercial litigators on your side, please call Craig Allsopp or Steven Lewis on (02) 9216 9898 or email them at info@acalawyers.com.au.