Macmahon Class Action

The parties to the Macmahon class action have agreed to settle this action. The court will hear an application to approve the proposed settlement on 12 December 2018.

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Vocus Class Action

If you purchased Vocus shares between 29 November 2016 and 1 May 2017 you may be eligible to join a proposed class action against Vocus.

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IOOF Class Action

If you purchased shares in IOOF between 3 March 2014 and 6 July 2015 you may be eligible to participate in a proposed class action in relation to IOOF’s alleged non-disclosure of corporate misconduct.”

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Home Insulation Program Class Action

ACA Lawyers is conducting a class action against the Commonwealth on behalf of installers, manufacturers, suppliers and business owners who sustained losses as a result of the early cancellation of the Commonwealth’s Home Insulation Program.

Registration for this class action is currently closed. The class action was heard by the Victorian Supreme Court in March, April and May 2018 and judgment is currently reserved.

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WorleyParsons Limited Class Action

We are conducting a class action on behalf of shareholders of WorleyParsons Limited, who are seeking to recover losses suffered as a result of alleged non-disclosures and potentially misleading and/or deceptive conduct relating to WorleyParsons FY2014 earnings forecasts.

Registration for the WorleyParsons class action is currently closed in preparation for mediation of the class action later this year. If the class action does not settle at mediation and goes to hearing, there will likely be a further opportunity to register for the class action.

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Iluka Resources Limited

We are acting for shareholders of Iluka Resources Limited (ILU), who are seeking to recover losses suffered as a result of alleged non-disclosures and potentially misleading and/or deceptive conduct relating primarily to ILU’s failure to inform the market that the company could not provide accurate 2012 sales forecasts.  Proceedings have been commenced in the Federal Court to obtain preliminary discovery of relevant documents from Iluka.

if you purchased shares in Iluka between 12 April 2012 and 8 July 2012 (inclusive), you may be eligible to participate in the potential class action against Iluka.

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Class actions allow one person who has a claim to commence court action on behalf of groups of people who have the same claim. 

This means that those people can combine their resources to pursue a claim that would be too expensive for just one person.

At ACA Lawyers we take this a step further, working with litigation funders to run class actions at no risk to you or the group. This means that we can run class actions on a 'no win, no fee' basis.


ACA Lawyers uses experience, technology and innovation to provide commercial law, commercial litigation and commercial class action services. Our approach means that we can provide better outcomes at lower cost.

As part of our commitment to you and to demonstrate our confidence in the legal services we provide, we risk-share our costs on all of the class action on which we are retained.

The ACA Lawyers team is made up of highly experienced lawyers who have worked for some of Australia’s leading law firms. Every one of us is flexible, accessible and collaborative, and we are focused on achieving the outcomes you want to achieve.

Our cost-effective approach matches appropriate legal resources to each matter, adding or reducing legal resources to meet the changing demands of litigation. We won’t weigh a case down with a costly army of solicitors, junior and senior counsel; we stick to streamlined, highly skilled and experienced teams of legal professionals.

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