Class Actions

As a result of changes to legislation and the acceptance of litigation funding, class actions have become an important part of the Australian legal landscape. In fact, a class action is more likely to be initiated in Australia than in any other jurisdiction outside the United States.

The main benefit of a class action is that it enables a dispute involving a large number of people to be resolved through a single case. In other words, a class action allows one person who has a claim to commence litigation on behalf of a group of people who have the same claim.

The idea behind class actions is to promote access to justice for individuals against large businesses and government entities in circumstances where they may otherwise not be able to pursue a separate claim because of the expense.

At ACA Lawyers, we have a great deal of experience in running class actions.

We manage large-scale, multi-party actions on behalf of both plaintiff groups and defendants.

We also work with litigation funders to run class actions, which means that we can run them at no risk to you or the group.

When undertaking complex litigation, we use legal project management methodology to ensure that the litigation is run strategically and efficiently.

In addition, we use flexible legal resourcing to ensure that the right people are working on the case. With class actions, this often involves adding or reducing legal resources to meet the changing demands of the litigation.

We are currently running or investigating the following class actions:

Do you have any information on a potential class action that you think we should investigate? Are you a corporate or government entity facing a possible class action? If so, please call Craig Allsopp or Steven Lewis on +61 2 9216 9898 or email them at

Visit the ACA Class Actions site for more.