Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

At ACA Lawyers, we specialise in commercial litigation and dispute resolution.

Over the years, we have developed a way of resolving disputes and running litigation that is highly effective, making us more than mere technical experts in this field.  We are also always focused on using better matter management techniques to ensure we are providing you with the most cost-effective service possible.

A strategic approach

Instead of pursuing every single issue in every matter we run, we take a highly strategic approach, including a detailed assessment of risk versus benefit so that our clients can determine which issues need to be pursued.

First, we take the time to examine the case from a number of perspectives to make sure we understand your broad objectives.

This involves asking, ‘What does success mean for you?’

Once we know the answer to that key question, we can work out the best strategy to resolve the dispute.

If litigation is unavoidable, we develop a proactive and aggressive strategy for running the case. At the same time, we always pursue every possible opportunity to settle the matter advantageously.

Managing matters efficiently

Litigation is often complex, and there is always a risk that procedures and processes will take over. This can mean that, before you know it, your costs have spiralled out of control. To combat this problem, we use the tools of legal project management to identify tasks that actually need to be undertaken, prepare budgets for all matters, and to ensure that the resources allocated to your case are deployed efficiently and effectively.

Using technology to save you time and money

The legal profession is currently being transformed by technology. However, as global thought leaders in this area have observed, many lawyers think they are still living in the era of Charles Dickens and are resisting moving into the digital world. Their days are numbered. The reality is that technology has the potential to reduce the size of your legal spend considerably.

For example, it has been estimated that only 10–15% of firms fully engage in eDiscovery and fail to take advantage of the full costs savings available from the latest eDiscovery solutions, such as predictive coding. We use the capabilities of eDiscovery whenever it’s appropriate, because around 90% of documents can then be culled using tried and tested electronic reviewing processes, leaving only critical review and analysis to be undertaken by lawyers. This will save you money and ensure a higher-quality review of documents in those instances where tasks are better performed by software than by a junior lawyer.

Our expertise

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