At ACA Lawyers, we understand that, as a claims manager working in the insurance industry, you are under pressure to resolve disputes efficiently and cost-effectively.

In addition, we know that, as a pragmatic and commercially astute user of legal services, you are seeking the most advantageous solution to your particular matter.

Our strategic, rather than process-driven, approach to managing the dispute resolution process sets us apart from our competitors and is something our insurance clients tell us they value.

We always analyse from a number of perspectives the issues at the heart of any matter, and how to achieve the outcomes you are seeking, so that we come up with a solution that best fits your particular situation and offers the prospect of excellent results.

Our use of legal project management tools for insurance claims ensures that your costs are kept to a minimum.

We are also aware that insurance cases are particularly well served by flexible legal resourcing, which means we constantly monitor who on our team is undertaking your work. If the work is complex, you can be sure it will be undertaken by one of our senior lawyers. At the same time, if there are tasks that can be undertaken by a team of junior lawyers or capable paralegals, we will draw on those resources for as long as is appropriate.

Most importantly, we offer a range of flexible fee arrangements, which means that you are guaranteed to receive value for money when you retain us as your legal service provider.


Are you an insurer looking for strategic legal advice that is not only outcome focused but provides value for money? If so, please call Craig Allsopp or Steven Lewis on +61 2 9216 9898 or email them at