Litigation Funding for Commercial Disputes

The high cost of litigation means that individuals and businesses are often unable to pursue strong commercial claims. Individuals and businesses can also be ruined by claims against them which they cannot afford to properly defend.

In recent years a range of new options have become available to fund the costs of commercial litigation and to protect against adverse costs, for both plaintiffs and defendants. ACA Lawyers have particular expertise in this area, and have access to a large range of Australian and global litigation funding solutions.

We can also work with law firms retained to act on commercial disputes to develop litigation funding solutions for their clients.

We can help clients and law firms with a range of litigation funding solutions including:

  • Funding for all or a proportion of legal costs;
  • Funding to cover disbursements only;
  • Risk share arrangements to reduce out-of-pocket legal costs; and
  • Insurance against adverse costs (costs orders made against an unsuccessful party to commercial litigation)

Craig Allsopp and Steven Lewis are experts in the area of litigation funding solutions. If you or your clients are involved in a commercial dispute and would like to investigate funding options both Craig and Steven are happy to discuss options with you.


Craig Allsopp, Principal

Steven Lewis, Principal