Media and Defamation

Media and defamation law is a particularly complex area that requires specialist knowledge and understanding.

Over the past 20 years, the emergence of digital platforms and social media has added another layer to the complexities and intricacies of media and defamation law.

This means that, if you are faced with a dispute involving issues relating to the media or defamation, you need expert legal advice.

We have built a strong relationship with Mark O’Brien Legal, a firm that specialises in media and defamation law and shares both our offices and our infrastructure.

Mark O’Brien is one of the most highly regarded media and defamation lawyers in Australia. In 2015, Mark was listed in Chambers Asia-Pacific as a Band 1 Media Lawyer, and described there as ‘second to none’ and as having ‘the widest experience in Australia’.

With 40 years’ experience as a lawyer working on cases spanning commercial law, taxation, intellectual property, and media and defamation, Mark has acted for some of Australia’s most prominent public figures, as well as for numerous corporate and government agencies.

Like the team at ACA Lawyers, Mark believes it is important for a senior lawyer to be involved at all stages in a matter. He also has a special interest in the transformation of the legal services industry. For this reason, when he needs extra assistance on larger matters, he applies the principles of flexible legal resourcing and uses lawyers from our team.

In short, when you retain Mark to assist you with your media or defamation matter, you know that you are working with an experienced litigator with a formidable reputation. You can be assured that he will devise a strategy and model to manage your case, and provide you with the best possible advice, as cost-effectively as possible.

Are you involved in a media or defamation dispute? Would you like to talk to one of Australia’s most experienced and respected media and defamation lawyers? If so, please call Mark O’Brien on +61 2 9216 9898 or email him at