Are you now or have you in the past been a Caltex service station operator?

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ACA Lawyers and US based Hammond Law are investigating possible claims against oil giant Caltex following revelations of widespread exploitation of franchisee owners and workers over a number of years.

We are interested in speaking to current and former Caltex franchisees and workers.

Evidence has emerged of Caltex putting in place a franchisee model that makes it almost impossible for some of its franchisees to make ends meet.  After the payment of royalties, rent, wages, StarCard fees, merchant fees, accounting and electricity bills, coffee machine leasing fees, franchisees have told us that there is often nothing left, with many being forced into debt to cover costs.

ACA Lawyers is investigating the extent of Caltex’s conduct in relation to its service stations owners and workers, to determine whether a class action against Caltex should be commenced to recover losses suffered, in particular, by current and former franchisees.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your experiences with Caltex on a strictly confidential basis.

By contacting ACA Lawyers you will have no obligation to pay legal costs.