Caltex franchisees past and present

ACA Lawyers and US based Hammond Law are continuing investigations into oil giant Caltex’s treatment of its franchisees.

Evidence has emerged of Caltex using a franchisee model that makes it very difficult for some of its franchisees to make ends meet.  After the payment of royalties, rent, wages, StarCard fees, merchant fees, accounting and electricity bills, coffee machine leasing fees, franchisees have told us that there is often nothing left, with many being forced into debt to cover costs.

If you are a current or former Caltex franchisee:

  • who has had a franchise terminated
  • has been subject to the recent audit process
  • has had a site reclaimed; or

has otherwise suffered loss in relation to a Caltex franchise, we invite you to contact us by email or telephone to discuss your experiences with Caltex on a strictly confidential basis.

Steven Lewis
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Monica Allen
Senior Associate
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